Carosella soft whole wheat flour

This kind of grain is so ancient that its presence in the area of Cilento can be dated back to the times of the Roman Empire. Probably its name comes from the words “grano tosella” (that is, a small, semi shaved and smooth head) and “caruso” (meaning a shaved boy) regarding to the ear of the corn which seems to be shaved as it has short ears on top. Thanks to its consistency and good flavor, this kind of soft wheat flour is ideal for making pizza, pasta and bread.

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Carosella soft wheat is a widespread wheat variety in Cilento and Southern Italy and it is believed to have been growing since the times of the Roman Empire.

Its plant is at least one meter high. The yellow-orange grain shape is small, tapered, light and shining. Actually, the grains are near to the ear of the corn which is long and slender. The vernacular name is “Carusedda” and it comes from “grano tosello” (trimmed wheat) meaning shaved or smooth head. The caryopsis is the dry grain of wheat still covered by the husk, that is, the first leaf coating. It has a very particular grooving marking it from other kinds of wheat. The husk can be white or red thus giving origin to two different ecotypes, that is, “red Carosella” and “white Carosella”.

Due to its grains, Carosella flour has a plain white color as well as a soft and fine texture. It has a nutty, sweet flavor too.

Carosella flour can be used to make sweets, pizza, pasta, and bread.

It is made from the grinding of soft wheat during which extraneous substances and impurities are removed. This is the natural white flour and it is very different from the refined one which now is used for making a softer white bread.

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